Challenge Me, Change Me!


In April 2011, I started a one month spending freeze, and began blogging about the challenge to share my experiences.  I decided to continue the adventure with a series of other challenges to help me change my lifestyle, so from May 30 to June 30 I embarked on Operation Clean Sweep.  Every day, I had to "Clean sweep" (sort through and declutter) a certain area of my home or category of my belongings, and share the results in this blog!

Top Posts Include:
June 20: Kitchen Wars
One Month Spending Freeze Challenge (day 1)
June 5: Yes, a girl can definitely have too many clothes!
June 21: Play Hard
June 22: Close to the vest

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I love to cook!  In July 2010, I offered to teach a friend how to cook, but we soon realized that physical distance and conflicting schedules kept delaying our cooking lessons.  Since we couldn't regularly meet to cook together, I decided to share some of my favorite recipes of varying difficulties each time I cooked them, so that she could follow my tips and recipes via blog!

Top posts include:
#11 Banana -Oat Bread
#1 Manna Soup
Edible Christmas Critters
#19: Make-Your-Own Frozen Burritos
#14 BBQ Ribs