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About Joy!

Joy Suzanne Hunt is a blogger in the San Diego Area.  She loves to write, read, cook, and play board/card games.  Joy was very much inspired by Stephanie O'Dea's crockpot blog.  She loves blogging because she can share what she loves and what she learns with her friends and the world through writing.

In July 2010, Joy offered to teach a friend how to cook!  After several months and only one cooking session, she realized that meeting up with her friend for cooking lessons wasn't going to be feasible most of the time because of locations and conflicting schedules.  Thus, the Breakfast at Tiffany's blog was born!  Here, Joy shares recipes of varying difficulty, as well as occasional tips for new cooks.

In April 2011, in an effort to get through a tough financial season, develop good spending habits, and learn a bit about cost and worth, Joy started a one month spending freeze.  From April 16 to May 16, she spent no money outside of paying bills, and she wrote about it in a new blog: Challenge Me, Change Me!  After taking a short break, Joy followed her spending freeze challenge with a new one month challenge.  Inspired by Peter Walsh's show Clean Sweep and his book It's All Too Much, she picked an area of her home or belongings each day to sort through and declutter, getting rid of a LOT of stuff and then organizing what was left.  She was truly challenged to examine how our society views "stuff" and possessions, how we are attached to physical things in place of God and people, how we have so much that we don't appreciate the things we do have, and we take it all for granted.

Joy is always up for suggestions for new challenges to embark on and blog about, so please feel free to share your ideas on the Forums!

Joy can be followed on Twitter @JoySuzanneHunt